PTTV @ Allied Media Conference 2012

Pass the Mic: Notes on Video Research

Paper Tiger TV, a NYC-based video collective, screens video featuring Detroit’s labor history, food sovereignty, and the media representation of a city in transformation. If we aim to break down hierarchies of knowledge production and visibility, how can a project be designed to foster greater solidarity between video researcher and researched? Through discussion and collaborative media making, we will critically explore the limits and possibilities of using video for movement building across race, class, diverse experiences, and distant geographies.

10:00am – 11:30am / Block 9 Hilberry B (Student Center) not for kids | #AMC2012 #PasstheMic

DIY Livestream Revolution!

This session will empower participants to create their own livestreams and explore the possibilities of this uniquely democratic form of media. Building on the experiences of livestreaming OWS, we will discuss new ways to harness the potential of the medium. We will go over basic tech skills, streaming options and together explore ways to create content for livestreaming that is thoughtful and creative. Just bring your own pc with webcam or unlimited data phone! Together we will become both creators and content, blurring the line between activism, art and journalism.

9:00am – 10:30am / Block 1 Room L (McGregor) for all ages | #AMC2012 #livestream